EOSC 320 · Sedimentology

Origin, diagenesis and geochemistry of sediments and sedimentary rocks. [2-2-0]
Prerequisite: EOSC 221 and one of EOSC 210, EOSC 222.

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Learning Goals

1. Discuss the origin and evolution of sedimentary rocks (from sediments to rocks).

2. Describe, classify and interpret sedimentary rocks.

3. Interpret and classify sedimentary environments based on sedimentological data.

4. Interpret sedimentological data in order to correlate stratigraphic sequences.

5. Define and use the endless jargon associated with sedimentary rocks and the science of sedimentology.


Marc Bustin


Required Text:

Boggs, S. Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy. 

ISBN-13: 9780131547285 

Non required but useful:

  • Prothero, D.R. and Schwab, F., 1996, Sedimentary Geology. Freeman, 575 p.
  • Walker, R.G. and James, N.P., 1992, Facies Models Response to Sea Level Change, Geological Association of Canada, 454 pp.

Lecture Topics

  1. Introduction to stratigraphy
  2. Geochronology
  3. Organization of Strat. Record
  4. Stratigraphic units
  5. Biostratigraphy
  6. Facies
  7. Origin of grains
  8. Sediment transport and sedimentary
  9. Clastic rocks
  10. Carbonates
  11. Diagenesis
  12. Depositional Systems
  13. Sequence Stratigraphy
  14. Tectonics and Sedimentation


  • Lithostratigraphic Units
  • Age and biostratigraphy
  • Clastic facies and correlation
  • Facies relationships
  • Sedimentary structures/flume observation (2 wks)
  • Description and Identification of clastic rocks
  • Description and identification of carbonates
  • Fence diagrams- sedimentology in 3D
  • Geophysical logs- or who needs rocks?
  • Build your own facies model: The Fraser Delta Tidal Flats