EOSC 330 · Principles of Geomorphology

Landform development; morphological and historical analysis of landforms; applications in engineering and resource development. Please consult the Faculty of Science Credit Exclusion List: www.students.ubc.ca/calendar/index.cfm?tree=12,215,410,414. [3-2-0] Prerequisite: One of GEOB 103, EOSC 110, EOSC 210.

Course Availability & Schedule

Course Syllabus

Learning Goals

  1. To explain landform morphology and the processes of landform development.
  2. To practice techniques for recognition and analysis of landforms and processes.
  3. To describe typical applications of geomorphology to geoscience and engineering.


Dr. Scott McDougall, P.Eng.

Course Content

  • Lectures (see list of topics below)
  • Lab exercises (5)
  • Independent Project
  • Midterm quizzes (2)
  • Final Exam


Readings will be assigned in class and posted on Canvas.

Lecture Topics

  • Airphoto Interpretation; Advanced Tools
  • Tectonics and Isostasy; Folded Landforms; Faults
  • Intrusions and Volcanoes; Volcanic Landforms; Volcanic Hazards
  • Weathering; Karst
  • Erosion; Hydrology and Drainage Networks; Open Channel Flow and Sediment Transport
  • Floodplains, Terraces, Fans and Deltas; Channel Morphology
  • Landslide Mechanics; Falls and Topples; Flow-like Landslides
  • Hazard and Risk
  • Glaciers and Glacial Erosion; Glacial Deposits; Periglacial Landforms
  • Coastal Landforms; Aeolian Landforms
  • Climate Change
  • Landform Design