Practical Meteorology:

An Algebra-based Survey of Atmospheric Science

Copyright 2017, 2018 by  Roland Stull.

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Stull, R., 2017: "Practical Meteorology: An Algebra-based Survey of Atmospheric Science" -version 1.02b.  Univ. of British Columbia.  940 pages.  isbn 978-0-88865-283-6 .

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Front cover , back cover-v1.02b & spine
Title-v1.02b, Contents-v1.02b, Preface-v1.02 
Chapters (as pdf files designed for printing or viewing)
1. Atmospheric Basics -v1.02b   1-26
2. Solar & Infrared Radiation - v1.02b   27-52
3. Thermodynamics -v1.02b
4. Water Vapor - v1.02b    87-118
5. Atmos. Stability -v1.02b (& thermo diagrams)
6. Clouds - v1.02b   159-184
7. Precipitation Processes - v 1.02b
8. Satellites & Radar - v1.02b 
9. Weather Reports & Map Analysis - v1.02b
10. Atmospheric Forces & Winds - v1.02b 
11. General Circulation - v1.02b
12. Fronts & Airmasses - v1.02b
13. Extratropical Cyclones - v1.02b
14. Thunderstorm Fundamentals - v1.02b
15. Thunderstorm Hazards - v1.02b   545-602
16. Tropical Cyclones - v1.02b
17. Regional Winds - v1.02b   645-686
18. Atmospheric Boundary Layer - v1.02b 
19. Pollutant Dispersion - v1.02b   723-744
20. Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) - v1.02b   745-792
21. Natural Climate Processes - v1.02c
22. Atmospheric Optics - v1.02b   833-868
A. Scientific Tools - v1.02b
B. Constants & Conversion Factors - v1.02b
C. Notation - v1.03 (Draft version of a New Appendix) C881-C888
Index & Errata
Index- v1.02b  
Errata & Enhancements for PrMet - v1.02

Date: Mon, Apr 18, 2016
Subject: Re: Stull's new meteorology text book

I have already visited his site a few weeks back and have made the decision to adopt this text for my intro to met class.  Having looked through it, I can say that the book is very well-rounded, richly and professionally illustrated, with some great supplementary (boxed) material for deeper dives.  Roland is a wonderful writer, with exceptionally clear expositions.  Props to Roland for making available this resource, in a time when text prices are escalating, and so many of them do not provide any quantitative degree of rigor.   It's a text AND an exercise manual rolled up into one!
Jeffrey B. Halverson, Ph.D.
Professor of Meteorology, Dept. Geography and Environmental Systems
Graduate Program Director
University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

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