EOSC 111 · Laboratory Exploration of Planet Earth

An examination of the processes that shape and change the planet earth. This laboratory course accompanies any of EOSC 110, EOSC 112, EOSC 114, EOSC 116. Course content is customizable at the individual student level. [0-3-0]
Corequisite: One of EOSC 110, EOSC 112, EOSC 114, EOSC 116.

Course Availability & Schedule

 Non-specialist course

Learning Goals

By the end of this course, students should be able to:
1. Make interpretations and draw conclusions based on observations and evidence in an earth system science context
2. Apply qualitative and quantitative approaches to earth system data and samples
3. Appreciate that earth systems science is exciting and relevant to society and our lives
4. Recognize the interconnectedness of earth system science

Course Content

All course materials are available through the course's Connect site.  Go to http://www.elearning.ubc.ca/connect to login.


Lab exercises include the following topics (may vary slightly): Earthquakes, Minerals & Diamond Exploration, Volcanic Hazards, Waves, Estuaries, Fossils, Plankton, Sediments & Sedimentary Rocks, Groundwater Contamination, and Dinosaurs.