EOAS Climate courses

Earth Ocean and Atmospheric sciences investigate how the Earth system works, why it is sensitive to climate change, and how it will respond.

Many EOAS courses incorporate aspects of how anthropogenic climate change is perturbing Earth systems. Here they are divided into four categories: The diagnostics of the problem, the impacts,  the solutions, and the study of fundamentals of the climate system.

More UBC courses on climate change and sustainability can be found here, while a complete listing of EOAS courses sorted by subject can be found here.

What is the problem?

This series of courses explores the fundamentals of climate sciences, the greenhouse effect, and how we can attribute change to human activities.

What is the impact of climate change on the Earth system?

This series of courses looks at a specific aspect of the climate system, and discusses the impact of climate change, to inform adaptation strategies

What are we going to do about it?

This series of courses informs climate mitigation strategies

Why is our climate the way it is in the first place?

This series of courses explores components of the climate system (ocean, atmosphere, biosphere, hydrology) and discusses how they function, but is not specifically dedicated to the study of climate change

How many days a year will we be able to ski at the end of the century?

What causes extreme weather events?

How hard is it to measure temperature accurately?

How are weather patterns affected by climate change?

How do we make a weather forecast?

How are the different components of the climate system related to each other?

How is ocean acidification going to modify ocean ecosystems?

How is CO2 changing the pH of the ocean?

How is CO2 taken out of the atmosphere?

What does a warmer planet look like?

Why do we have mass extinctions?

How is human development linked to environmental evolution?

Where does tap water come from?

What are the conditions necessary for life to thrive?

How can we use indicators on Earth to learn about past climates?