EOSC 478 · Introduction to Fisheries Science

An introduction to the ecology and management of freshwater and marine fisheries. Topics include: population dynamics, species interactions, communities, environmental influences, stock assessment, economics and sociology of fisheries. Laboratories will consist of numerical analyses and simulations. [2-0-3]

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Pakhomov, E.A.

Cheung, W.


Assigned readings from the fishery literature

Lecture Topics

Week Topic
1 Introduction to course, basic fishery science
2 Variation in fish numbers, distribution, abundance, migrations, how to read the fishery literature
3 Recruitment mechanisms, fish production
4 Population level models of fisheries, marine community dynamics, implications for production
5 Effects of fisheries on marine communities, restoration fishery ecology
6 Fishery management models, management case study: salmonids
7 Mid Term Exam
8 Management case study: Antarctic fisheries
9 Community based fishery management: social models, examples
10 Fishery economics: basics of resource economics, bionomic equilibrium
11 Economic instruments for fishery management
12 Economics of enforcement
13 Climate change and fisheries, future of marine fisheries