EOSC 314 · The Ocean Environment

An introduction to the oceans and the processes that have shaped them, their composition and movement, waves, tides, beaches, interactions with the atmosphere and human exploitation of the non-living resources. Not for credit in the Faculties of Science or Applied Science. No background in Science or Mathematics is required. [3-0-0]
Prerequisite: Second-year standing.

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Trujillo, A.P. and H.V. Thurman, 2014
Essentials of Oceanography
4th Custom Edition for the University of British Columbia
Pearson Custom Publishing
ISBN: 978-126975073-8
(used textbook: ISBN: 978-126971459-4)

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Course Content


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Distance Education sections 99A, 99C, 98A:
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Lecture Topics


On Campus section:

Lecture Topic
1 Introduction; the history of ocean exploration
2 The Blue Planet; origin and development of the ocean
3 The shape of the oceans: exploring the sea floor
4 Wandering continents and spreading sea floor
5, 6 Plate tectonics: commotion in the ocean
7, 8 Sediments: the ocean's detritus
9 Water: an anomalous substance
10 Sea water: a salty consomme
11 Air-sea interaction: conditioning the ocean
12, 13 The conveyer belt: thermohaline circulation
14 The atmosphere: winds and Coriolis
15 Ocean circulation: going with the flow
16 El Nino: ocean's impact on world climate
17, 18 Waves: ...each mightier than the last...
19 Tsunamis and storm surges
20, 21 Tides: ebb and flow
22 Coastlines and sea-level change
23 Beaches: rivers of sand
24 Estuaries: meeting of river and sea
25 Review

Distance Education sections 99A, 99C, 98A:
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