EOSC 546 · Advanced Field Methods in Earth Science

This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

Course Availability & Schedule

Learning Goals

Recognition of hydrothermal minerals in magmatic hydrothermal deposits

Systematic mapping of igneous rocks, veins and mineralization in porphyry Cu-Au and related deposit types using the Anaconda mapping method.

Understanding of the metallogeny of magmatic hydrothermal deposits. 


Thomas Bissig

Farhad Bouzari

Murray Allan

Craig Hart

Course Content

This course is largely field based and includes 8-10 days of field visits and mapping. The focus is on porphyry style deposits.

Students will be required to do an assignment and presentation prior to the field based portion of the course as well as provide field maps and a final report.

The course currently is usually held at Copper Mountain alkalic porphyry Cu-Au deposit but includes excercises and field visits at other deposits in southern British Columbia. However, the location of the field portion of the course may be adapted, depending on access to field areas. 

Dates of fieldwork are normally or June.