EOSC 573 · Methods in Oceanography

This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

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Learning Goals

  • To learn about field methods in the major branches of oceanography
  • To gain practical experience in carrying out field observations
  • To develop and carry out a research project involving:
    • Writing a research proposal
    • Planning a field program
    • Obtaining field measurements to address the question proposed
    • Analyzing the field measurements
    • Presenting results orally at a 'conference'
    • Presenting the results in the form of a journal-style article


Maldonado, Waterman

Course Content


Lecture Topics

Funding and sampling programs
Ships and fieldwork logistics
Physical measurements
Biological measurements
Geo-chemical measurements
**Note: Lectures take place during the first half of term only.


The class is based around the idea of gathering and scientifically analyzing field data, and usually involves a field trip. In the past few years we have spent a week at Bamfield Marine Station during the spring break. Part-way through this trip students present a research proposal, after which they gather field data. Analysis is usually completed at UBC before the end of term.