EOSC 582 · Satellite Remote Sensing: Applications to Oceanography and Meteorology

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 Alternate year course

Even year start – Term 1

A review of the satellite-sensed data products used in research and operational aspects of oceanography and meteorology. Equivalent to GEOG 515.


Phil Austin


Petty, G. W., 2004: A First Course in Atmospheric Radiation, Sundog Publishing. Plus handouts and web material.

Lecture Topics

Longwave radiative transfer: emission and absorption

Applications: Surface temperature, atmospheric temperature sounding, cloud cover, global energy balance

Shortwave radiative transfer: absorption and scattering

Applications: Ocean color, vegetation index, land surface typing, aerosol and cloud droplet size distributions, ozone concentration

Passive microwave remote sensing

Applications: Liquid water content and phase, sea-ice concentration, snow-pack measurements

Active microwave remote sensing

Applications: Scatterometer winds, precipitation, land cover, ice volume


Applications: orbital prediction, data formats and data archives, image filtering, cluster and EOF analysis