Danielle Cocchetto


EOSM 229

I am currently working towards completing my MSc degree in the hydrogeology research group under the supervision of Dr. Ulrich Mayer. My current research focuses on assessing the fate and transport of methane in shallow unconfined aquifers, simulated using large-scale lab-based column experiments (see figures below for the general flux measurement setup using LI-COR instrumentation). This study is being accomplished via two experiments, both investigating methane migration in unsaturated soils and its surface expression.

Currently, I perform long-term ethanol blended fuel release experiments, whereby reaction products, specifically carbon dioxide and methane, are being observed in an effort to quantify biodegradation rates and risks, such as vapor intrusion, associated with BTEX components and methane. In addition, I am also assessing the fate and transport of methane in relation to stray gas migration at oil and gas production wells, through controlled gas release experiments in an effort to characterize methane migration in the subsurface below and above the water table.




  • MSc (candidate) in Geological Sciences, University of British Columbia, Supervisor: Dr. Ulrich Mayer, 2018-Present.
  • Honors BSc. Spec. in Geology with Double Major in Environmental Sciences, University of Western Ontario, 2012-2017.