Danyang Su

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Associate

EOS-South 358
(604) 822-5633

I am a postdoctoral research associate of the hydrology group.  I received my B.E. degree in hydrology and water resources engineering, and Ph.D. degree in hydraulic engineering from Zhejiang University, China.  My background in hydrology, numerical computing and computer science have promised my research on computational assessment of hydrogeological systems and geochemistry. 

My research interests include computational surface/subsurface hydrological response, variable saturated subsurface flow and reactive transport processes, in particular, the assessment of the long-term geochemical stability of sedimentary basins.  Working with Professor Uli Mayer, my recent research at UBC focuses on the development and application of reactive transport code MIN3P,  including the development of MIN3P parallel version and MIN3P unstructured grid version.  These developments have significantly enhanced the capabilities of MIN3P code in large-scale and long-term reactive transport modelling and extended the model capabilities from regular to complex simulation domain.  With such a framework, the reactive transport simulation can be carried out from microscopic scale to regional scale within a practical time, providing a better understanding of complex geochemical processes.  

Besides the code development, I am also in charge of MIN3P code maintenance, version control and verification.  I have also been active in the reactive transport benchmark activities and mentoring graduate students’ research.