Emily Scribner

PhD Geological Sciences

EOS-South 354

My research focuses on the rare-element pegmatites, specifically those that are thought to have been contaminated by their host rocks. Contamination can influence the chemical signature and mineralogy of pegmatites through the introduction of chemical elements from the host rock, and vice versa. The effect of contamination on pegmatite and host rock mineralogy, as well as the timing of that contamination, have only recently begun to be studied. My research focuses specifically on the Rau pegmatite group in the Yukon Territory and the external pegmatites of the O'Grady batholith in the Northwest Territories. 

I am also undertaking research in the field of Geoscience Education. I am developing a validated concept inventory for use in introductory mineralogy courses. This concept inventory will be used to assess the impact of learner-centred pedagogies on student learning, and can serve as a pre- and post-assessment for instructors.

Sessional Lecturer

EOSC 118 - Earth's Treasures: Gold & Gems (Fall 2017 - Present)


Vancouver Summer Program - Symmetry (Summer 2017)

Teaching Assistant

EOSC 516 - Teaching and Learning in the Earth Sciences (Fall 2016 -2018)

EOSC 118 - Earth's Treasures: Gold & Gems (Fall 2016 - Summer 2017)

ISCI 360 - Systems Approaches to Regional Sustainability (Winter 2015-2017)

ISCI 312 - Symmetry (Fall 2014-2016)

EOSC 114 - The Catastrophic Earth: Natural Disasters (Summer 2016)

Vancouver Summer Program - Symmetry (Summer 2015-2016)

EOSC 116 - Mesozoic Earth: Time of the Dinosaurs (Winter 2015 - Summer 2015)

Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative Teaching Assistant

EOSC 221 - Introductory Petrology (Winter 2016)

EOSC 323 - Structural Geology I (Fall 2015)


Ph.D. Geological Sciences, The University of British Columbia (2014-Present)

  • Supervisors: Lee Groat; Sara Harris

B.Sc. Honours Geological Sciences, Queen's University (2010-2014)


Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award (2018)

Research Assistantships

Research Assistant (January-July 2018)
Project: Assessing the development of 3-D spatial visualization skills of undergraduate students
Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
The University of British Columbia

Research Assistant (January-July 2017)
Project: Assessing learning gains and students’ self-confidence with knowledge surveys
Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
The University of British Columbia

Other Affiliations

Graduate Facilitator (May 2017 - Present)
Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology
The University of British Columbia 


Scribner, E.D., Groat, L.A., & Cempírek, J. (2018) Mineralogy of Ti-bearing, Al-deficient tourmaline assemblages associated with lamprophyre dikes near the O'Grady Batholith, Northwest Territories, Canada. Journal of Geosciences63(2), 123–135.


Scribner, E.D., Groat, L.A., & Cempírek, J. (2017) Mineralogy of the Ash Mountain Sn-bearing skarn, Tuya Range, northern British Columbia, Canada. The Canadian Mineralogist, 55(2), 333–347.