Fabien Rabayrol

Postdoctoral Fellow Geological Sciences

ESB 5022-4

Postdoctoral Research Work: 

Metallogeny of the Artvin Au-Cu district (NE Turkey) and the Eocene Adjara-Trialeti belt (SW Georgia) through time-space constraints, magma fertility, and implication for mineral exploration.

Part of the industry-sponsored MDRU Western Tethyan Metallogeny Project - Phase 2: https://www.mdru.ubc.ca/projects/western-tethyan-2/

Research Interests:

Magmatic-hydrothermal ore systems, field work along orogenic belts, regional magmatism and tectonics, time-space constraints on precious and base metal mineralization, exploration techniques and targeting

Rabayrol, F., and Hart, C.J.R., 2020, Petrogenetic and tectonic controls on magma fertility and the formation of post-subduction porphyry and epithermal mineralization along the late Cenozoic Anatolian Metallogenic Trend, Turkey: Mineralium Deposita, https://doi.org/10.1007/s00126-020-00967-9.

Rabayrol, F., Hart, C.J.R., and Creaser R.A., 2019, Tectonic Triggers for Post-Subduction Magmatic-Hydrothermal Gold Metallogeny in the Late Cenozoic Anatolian Metallogenic Belt, Turkey: Economic Geology, v. 114 (7), p. 1339-1363.

Rabayrol, F., Hart, C.J.R. and Thorkelson, D.J., 2019, Temporal, Spatial and Geochemical Evolution of Late Cenozoic Post-Subduction Magmatism in Central and Eastern Anatolia, Turkey. Lithos, v. 336-337, p. 67-96.

Baker, T., Bickford, D., Juras, S., Lewis, P., Oztas, Y., Ross, K., Tukaç, A., Rabayrol, F., Miskovic, A., Friedman, R., Creaser, R.A., Spikings, R., 2016, The geology of the Kışladağ porphyry gold deposits,Turkey. Society of Economic Geologists Special Publication 19, p. 57–83.