Hazel Wong


(250) 299-9254

Research Interests:

- Post-wildfire slope hazards and risk

- Slope stabilization on large landslides

- Using research to work with industry and government to implement landslide risk reduction strategies

- Humanitarian engineering in landslide risk reduction

I have 7 years of experience in consulting engineering geology and academic research. I have primarily been involved in projects on geological natural hazards (geohazards), terrain and geomorphology, and geotechnical engineering within the public, natural resource, and energy sectors.

My recent interests and key projects have been post-wildfire landslide hazard and risk assessments in Interior British Columbia. I am experienced in diverse aspects of fieldwork, including assessing geohazards in small crews on large watersheds, leading geotechnical site characterization investigations in challenging conditions, coordinating and supervising multi-disciplinary teams on large environmental and geotechnical projects, and managing cultural sensitivities and community and client needs in response to project developments. I have worked on projects all over BC, northern Alberta, Yukon, and Nova Scotia, as well as various locations internationally.

I also worked as an Initial Attack wildland firefighter in Interior BC.

B.Sc. Earth Sciences SFU (2014)

Recipient of an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award that allowed me to assist on thesis work on landslide processes and deposits, neotectonics, and Quaternary geology in Switzerland, Italy, and British Columbia under Dr. John Clague.

Recreationally, I am an avid mountaineer and climber, skier, powerlifter, and musician. I am also a former varsity cheerleader, rugby player, and Army Cadet. In 2018, I volunteered on construction projects in Nepal to build earthquake-resilient schools in villages devastated by the 2015 earthquake. I have ventured solo around Europe and Asia and have a passion for local and global socio-economic issues.

I have military and firefighting training in wilderness survival and navigation in hostile and remote environments.