Marc Bustin


EOS-South 258
(604) 822-6179

My research at UBC is focused on reservoir characterisation of unconventional petroleum resources:

  • reservoir characterisation of gas shales and oil producing shales
  • coalbed methane- assessment of those factors that influence the reservoir characteristics of coal
  • organic maturation- variation of organic maturation in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and impact on gas reservoirs
  • coal sedimentology- sedimentology of coal measures of the Mist Mountain Formation, SE British Columbia
  • gas and liquid flux through tight rights -experimental and theoretical studies
  • impact of digenesis on pore systems in tight rocks
  • reservoir production modeling
  • mechanical stratigraphy of strata (impact of lithology and fabric on rock moduli)

Ph.D. (UBC).

Graduate Students

PhD Geological Sciences
MSc Geological Sciences
MSc Geological Sciences