Yaguang Zhu


Geological Sciences

(604) 716-5669


  • Surface water - groundwater Interaction
  • Groundwater geochemistry
  • Groundwater hydrology


  • Ph.D. Geological Sciences, The University of British Columbia; 2019 - Present 
  • MEng Groundwater Science and Engineering, Beijing Normal University; 2016 - 2019
  • B.Sc. Geophysics, Institute of Disaster Prevention; 2012 - 2016

Peer-reviewed publications


Zhu, Y., Zhai, Y., Teng, Y., Wang, G., Du, Q., Wang, J., & Yang, G. (2020). Water supply safety of riverbank filtration wells under the impact of surface water-groundwater interaction: evidence from long-term field pumping tests. Science of the Total Environment711, 135141.

Zhai, Y., Yang, J., Zhu, Y., Du, Q., Yuan, W., & Lu, H. (2020). Quality change mechanism and drinking safety of repeatedly-boiled water and prolonged-boil water: A comparative study. Journal of Water and Health. DOI: https://doi.org/10.2166/wh.2020.022.



Zhu, Y., Zhai, Y., Du, Q., Teng, Y., Wang, J., & Yang, G. (2019). The impact of well drawdowns on the mixing process of river water and groundwater and water quality in a riverside well field, Northeast China. Hydrological Processes33(6), 945-961.

Jiang, Y., Zhang, J., Zhu, Y., Du, Q., Teng, Y., & Zhai, Y. (2019). Design and optimization of a fully-penetrating riverbank filtration well scheme at a fully-penetrating river based on analytical methods. Water11(3), 418.