Douw Steyn

Professor Emeritus

EOS-South 155
(604) 364-1266

Air Pollution Meteorology

My research is primarily driven by an interest in the polluted atmosphere, particularly at the regional scale. I conduct both field measurement and numerical modelling studies in order to pursue these interests. I have been involved in a number of large air quality field studies, Pacific 93, Pacific 2001 and MAP-Riviera. I also work on this topic with Peter Jackson (UNBC), Christian Reuten (RWDI), Bruce Ainslie (Environment Canada), Ian McKendry (UBC Geography). I collaborate on aerosol research through and air pollution research generally through I am part of the FuturAgua research team:

Model Evaluation

I have a particular interest in model evaluation/validation, and collaborate with Stefano Galmarini (JRC, Ispra) and ST Rao (USA EPA) on this topic. I am a member of the steering committee of the Air Quality Model Evaluation International Initiative (AQMEII)

Boundary Layer Meteorology

I have an interest in the atmospheric boundary layer, particularly in regions of complex topography and coastline. I collaborate with Stephan deWekker, Christian Reuten and Nadya Moisseeva on this topic.

Mesoscale meteorology

I have strong interest in mesoscale meteorology and environmental fluid mechanics. I have conducted a number of observational, scaling and numerical modelling studies of sea-breeze and slope flow dynamics. I also on this with Susan Allen, Christian Reuten (RWDI) and Annie Seagram.

B.Sc. University of Cape Town (Physics) (1967) B.Sc.(hons.) University of Cape Town (Physics & Applied Mathematics) (1968) M.Sc. University of Cape Town (Physics) (1970) Ph.D. The University of British Columbia (1980) Post-doctoral Fellow at The University of British Columbia (1980-82) Faculty at the University of British Columbia (1982-present). Study Leaves: Colorado State University, KNMI, ETH Zurich, University of Athens (1988-1989); CSIRO Canberra, NIES, Tsukuba (1996-1997); JRC Ispra (2002/2003); African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) (2010-2011). I served UBC as Chair of Atmospheric Science (1994-1998), Director of Science One Program (1999-2002), Chair of Environmental Science Program (2008-), Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Interim Principal, College for Interdisciplinary Studies (2003-2006), Director of SCIE 113: First-Year Seminar in Science.


I am Co-PI in the FuturAgua Project where I collaborate with Tim McDaniels, Mark Johnson and Kai Chan (UBC), Mitch Small, Iris Grossmann, Gabrielle Wong-Parodi (CMU) Raffaele Vignola and Gregoire Leclerc (CATIE). The project addresses Enhancing Adaptation and Resilience to Drought in Dry Tropical Socio-Ecological Systems: The Guanacaste, Costa Rica Example



Recent awards: UBC Faculty of Science Killam Teaching Prize for 2009-2010; Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences Mentorship Medal 2010-2011; Fellow of CMOS 2012, Dr. Andrew Thomson Prize in Applied Meteorology by CMOS.



Recently Published Book: Douw G. Steyn (2015) Introduction to Atmospheric Modelling. Cambridge University Press, 106 p. ISBN 9781107499799.


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