Marina Martindale

PhD Geological Sciences

EOS-Main 305
(604) 822-3764

My current research at UBC focuses on magma genesis at arc-settings via high-resolution geochemistry and petrology, utilising state-of-the-art instruments at PCIGR. I am currently studying the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt (GVB), which makes up the northern end of the Cascade Arc, and how its evolved lavas are generated. The Cascade Arc is intriguing as it is a 'hot' subduction zone, owing to the young age of the subducting Juan de Fuca plate, producing a unique set of thermal tectonic conditions which may affect magma genesis. The contributions of mantle heterogeneity, slab inputs and crustal processing to the genesis of andesites and dacites in the GVB will be assessed using high-precision radiogenic isotopes (Pb-Sr-Nd-Hf) and trace elements. Synthesising new high-precision datasets from PCIGR (Emily Mullen)  of primitive basalts from the GVB and from southern Cascade volcanoes (High Cascades) will allow along-arc variations in magma genesis to be constrained.

Teaching Assistant; University of British Columbia (2011-present): Introductory Mineralogy (EOSC 220), Petrology (EOSC 221), Geochemistry (EOSC 333) and Field Techniques (EOSC 223)