Sam Anderson

PhD Geophysics

EOSM 310

I work to understand how streamflow will change in Western Canadian rivers under climate change.  I ask: which communities will experience a substantial change in water supply due to the loss of glacier ice?  How well can deep learning techniques model regional streamflow from regional weather?  

I am broadly interested in applied data science techniques in the context of climate change.  Please feel free to reach out if your interests overlap!

Sam Anderson and Valentina Radic.  "Identification of local water resource vulnerability to rapid deglaciation in Alberta."  Nature Climate Change. (2020)

Jerome Mayaud, Sam Anderson, Martino Tran, Valentina Radic.  "Insights from Self-Organizing Maps for Predicting Accessibility Demand for Healthcare Infrastructure."  Urban Science (2019)

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Yuan, Zhi Cheng, Shahriar Rizwan, Michael Wong, Kyle Holland, Sam Anderson, Terence B. Hook, Diego Kienle, Serag Gadelrab, Prasad S. Gudem, and Mani Vaidyanathan. "Switching-Speed Limitations of Ferroelectric Negative-Capacitance FETs." IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 63.10 (2016): 4046-4052.