Sara Harris

Professor of Teaching

Associate Dean Academic, Faculty of Science

EOS-South 353
(604) 822-9651
ESB 2178
(604) 827-0043

Research Interests: Science education, climate science education.

Free online course (MOOC) "Climate Change: The Science" on edX. Self-paced, on demand. Sign up here.  Facebook page here.

"Understanding Climate Change: Science, Policy and Practice" by Sarah Burch and Sara Harris, 2014.  University of Toronto Press. Available here:


Associate Dean Academic, 2017-present, Faculty of Science, UBC
Professor of Teaching, 2015-present. Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, UBC
Senior Instructor, 2010-2015. Earth and Ocean Sciences, UBC
Instructor I, 2005-2010. Earth and Ocean Sciences, UBC  
Oceanography faculty/Chief Scientist, 1998-2005. Sea Education Association, Woods Hole, MA (
Ph.D., Geological Oceanography, 1998. College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR