Geophysical Disaster Computational Fluid Dynamics Centre

The Geophysical Disaster Computational Fluid Dynamics Centre (GeoDisaster Centre) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) studies weather-related and other natural disasters, with an ultimate goal of enhancing the Canadian economy and saving lives. The major tool of the GeoDisaster Centre is a massively-parallel high-performance computer (HPC), which is used to solve fluid-flow equations describing weather, avalanches, forest fires, earthquakes and other natural phenomena. This research focuses on disasters that affect the complex mountainous and coastal terrain of Western Canada.

Director: Roland Stull

What We Do

Weather Forecasts for Clean Energy

  • hydroelectricity
  • wind power
  • solar power
  • biomass energy
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Weather Forecasts for Transportation

  • highway maintenance
  • electric bus/trolley
  • sea ports
  • railroads

Forecasts for Weather-related Hazards

  • forest-fire smoke dispersion
  • flooding
  • avalanches
  • emergency weather net

Weather Forecasts for Special Events & Projects

  • 2010 Winter Olympics
  • project Firestorm
  • rocketsonde buoys
  • Canadian arctic

Who we are and how we do it

A Team of Experts Using Very Large Computers to Calculate Future Weather

  • exceptional people
  • novel ideas
  • bold vision
  • dedicated high-performance computers

Who benefited in Canada

Clients, Collaborators & Sponsors

  • nation
  • provinces
  • industries
  • non-profits

Our scientific advances

Journal Publications

  • themes
  • methods

Where we are

 Mailing Address

Prof. Roland Stull
Earth, Ocean & Atmos. Sci., UBC
2020-2207 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4

Phone: 604-822-5901

 Map Coordinates

49 15' 43.4" N, 123 15' 08.4" W