For up-to-date information on UBC Covid-19 protocols, please visit the UBC Research and Innovation website.

Conducting on-campus research will be limited to those who require on-campus resources and cannot conduct this work remotely. In keeping with public health guidelines, the majority of our faculty and staff will need to continue working remotely, wherever possible.

If you are conducting on-campus research, here is what you need to know:

  • Conducting on-campus research is managed at the Faculty level. 
    Faculty of Science Safety Plan.
  • You must have approval to work on-campus. This includes:
  • Completing the Stage 2 Return to On-Campus Research application
  • Send forms to Hazel for review and approval by the Department Head
  • Once approved and signed, this form, including the Return to Research Training Log signed by all personnel, must be printed and posted to the doors of the occupied spaces 
    *For those groups who already filled out a Phase 1 application, any changes in maximum room occupancy, or requests for new locations (including offices) must be clearly identified in the revised applications, using yellow highlights for quick reference. Any required changes to individual lab Safety Plans must also be identified.Note that you will need to replace the documents on your lab doors with the updated ones.*
  • Reading and understanding EOAS building safety plans (see below)
  • Completing the online “Preventing COVID-19 Infection in the Workplace” training course
  • Submit copy of the completion certificate to Tim Morgan at
  • All approved personnel must sign in and sign out on a printed and posted sign-in/out sheet on lab/office doors. All approved personnel must also complete a self-assessment and certify this on the sign in/out sheet.
  • The Department has identified a group of senior researchers (technicians, RAs and PDFs) who will serve as ‘responsible people’ to be contacted in case of emergency during the phased restart of research in the Department .  A list of contact numbers is available here. These people will also be responsible for ensuring that laboratories are cleared at the end of the day, and they will rely on printed check-in / check-out sheets outside main laboratory doors.
  • Hours of operation are 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. Custodial will begin cleaning at 6 pm so all personnel must have left the building by 6 pm. Weekend operation is possible with the prior approval of the Head of Department.
  • EOAS Building safety plans outline specific Covid-19 procedures for each building:

COVID-19 ESB Building Safety Plan Phase 1
COVID-19 ESB Building Safety Plan Amendment Stage 2
COVID-19 EOSM Building Safety Plan Phase 1
COVID-19 EOSM Building Safety Plan Amendment Stage 2
COVID-19 EOSS Building Safety Plan Stage 2

 *Be advised that for ESB and EOSM, the Stage 2 Building Safety Plans are just amendments to the Phase 1 Plans. For both buildings, the Phase 1 and Stage 2 documents constitute the whole Plan.*