Safety Orientation for New Workers


All new workers (including faculty, staff, student workers, visitors, and students on unpaid practicums) must complete the following safety orientation form and courses. More information can be found here.

EOAS Workplace Safety Orientation form

Online courses:

  • Preventing and Addressing Workplace Bullying and Harassment
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Training
  • Privacy and Information Security Fundamentals Training
  • New Worker Safety Orientation
  • Safety Supervision at UBC*
    *Mandatory for supervisors

Online courses can be found on the UBC Workplace Learning Portal. You will need a CWL (campus wide login) to log in. Contact your supervisor or Kimberly Tietjen ( if you need assistance obtaining a CWL.

The EOAS Workplace Safety Orientation form will need to be filled out with your supervisor and sent to the EOAS Safety Committee via Kimberly Tietjen ( or Tim Morgan ( Resources for filling out the form can be found on the Lab and Department Safety page (link). Your key and card key access requests will not be processed until this form has been received.

Note to Supervisors

If you are a Supervisor, you are responsible for ensuring personnel under your management are properly trained. Your personnel should read the safety material and attend relevant UBC safety courses.  You are responsible for ensuring they understand the material by going over it with them, either individually or as a group, or by obtaining and submitting the certificates verifying all mandatory training has been completed. See Mandatory Training for all UBC Workers link for full details.

A supervisor is considered by WorkSafe BC to be anyone (including non-managers, researchers, or faculty) who instructs, directs, and controls another person in the workplace.