Directed Studies in EOAS

What is Directed Studies?

A Directed Studies course (ATSC-, ENVR- or EOSC-448) enables you to carry out an individual research project under the supervision and guidance of a faculty member. The research may be lab-or field-based, it may involve solving some quantitative or programming problem, or some other more theoretical topic may be chosen. A Directed Studies is best taken in your fourth year so you can apply a broad range of knowledge and experience from other classes to your project. The nature and scope of the project is to be negotiated between you and the prospective supervisor. Students can take up to 6 credits towards the discipline requirement.

Example project titles

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How do I apply for Directed Studies?

First you will need to find a supervisor: a faculty member at UBC who is working in an area you are interested in. It is up to you to find and contact the supervisor. If the faculty member agrees to supervise a project you should next plan out the details. What will the project involve? How much work will it entail? How will you be evaluated? Finally, you will complete and submit a Directed Studies application. Please submit the completed form to Ian Ayeras; Senior Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs (

Directed Studies FormWinter Session

Directed Studies FormSummer Session