Courses involving field work or engagement with community or industry partners

Field-based courses

Before considering any field course, be sure you have taken the prerequisite course(s).

EOSC 223 · Field Techniques (Geology; corequisite is EOSC 221, which requires EOSC 220).
EOSC 328 · Field Geology (requires EOSC 223).
EOSC 428 · Field Techniques in Groundwater Hydrology (requires EOSC 329).
EOSC 473 · Methods in Oceanography (Open to third- and fourth-year students in Oceanography, or with permission of the Department Head. Prerequisite: EOSC 372).

Courses with some field or community based learning opportunities

Disclaimer: This list may change at short notice depending on instructors’ choices and other circumstances enabling or limiting field-based or community-based learning opportunities.

ATSC 303 · Methods in Atmospheric Science (instrumentation and measurement)
ENVR 200 · Introduction to Environmental Science (community exposure and site visits)
EOSC 240 · Site Investigation (Engineering students only)
EOSC 110 · The Solid Earth: A Dynamic Planet (may include day-trips to local field sites)
EOSC 114 · The Catastrophic Earth: Natural Disasters (optional day-trip to local field sites)
EOSC 220 · Introductory Mineralogy (one assignment involving a visit to local field sites)
EOSC 329 · Groundwater Hydrology (one lab exercise at a local outdoor field location)
EOSC 442 · Climate Measurement and Analysis (assignments at local ocean and weather sites)
EOSC 445 · Engineering Design Project (Geological engineering students only)