Elective courses for Science students

  For official listings of courses to be offered in the current academic session see official UBC course lists at ATSC, ENVR and EOSC. Courses NOT listed there are not scheduled for the current session.

These are courses available to science students as science electives.

Important notes:

  • Please consult the Credit Exclusion list for the Faculty of Science.
  • Each course may have prerequisite requirements but none require prior ATSC, ENVR or EOSC courses.
  • 1xx courses may be taken by all students.
  • All available courses are listed here even if they are not currently scheduled.


ATSC 201 · Meteorology of Storms
ATSC 301 · Atmospheric Radiation and Remote Sensing
ATSC 313 · Renewable Energy Meteorology


ENVR 200 · Introduction to Environmental Science
ENVR 410 · Energy, Environment, and Society
ENVR 430 · Ecological Dimensions of Sustainability
ENVR 440 · Analytical Methods in Sustainability Science


(EOSC 310, 311, 314, 315 are restricted to students NOT in Faculties of Science or Applied Science.)

EOSC 211 · Computer Methods in Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
EOSC 212 · Topics in the Earth and Planetary Sciences
EOSC 220 · Introductory Mineralogy
EOSC 222 · Geological Time and Stratigraphy
EOSC 250 · Fields and Fluxes
EOSC 270 · Marine Biodiversity
EOSC 326 · Earth and Life Through Time
EOSC 329 · Groundwater Hydrology
EOSC 340 · Global Climate Change
EOSC 350 · Environmental, Geotechnical, and Exploration Geophysics I
EOSC 352 · Geophysical Continuum Dynamics
EOSC 354 · Analysis of Time Series and Inverse Theory for Earth Scientists
EOSC 372 · Introductory Oceanography: Circulation and Plankton
EOSC 373 · Introductory Oceanography: Climate and Ecosystems
EOSC 410 · Geoscientific Data Analysis and Empirical Modelling
EOSC 426 · Fundamentals of Geomicrobiology
EOSC 450 · Potential Fields in Earth and Planetary Sciences
EOSC 453 · Physics of the Earth and Other Planets
EOSC 470 · Biological Oceanography
EOSC 474 · Marine Pollution
EOSC 475 · Marine Microbiology
EOSC 478 · Introduction to Fisheries Science